Cafe Staff With Lesley

Café takes on new lease of life

In just 6 short weeks the café in Swanley Park has been transformed with a new kitchen and serving areas along with hi tech displays costing a total of more than £50,000.

Brothers Ismet and Bullen Lavent of IBL Catering Ltd who run the café carried out most of the work themselves to get the café ready for opening this month.

The café now boasts a double pizza oven amongst others things which can turn out a pizza every 2 minutes and has enhanced menu selections.

Ismet said ‘we love Swanley Park and we hope all the people of Swanley will come visit us and try out lovely pizzas’.

Lesley Pizza

The Mayor of Swanley Town Council, Councillor Lesley Dyball opened the new kitchen today and said ‘I cannot believe how the café has been transformed and to now get a delicious pizza in just 2 minutes seems amazing to me’.

The café has been run by IBL for the last 4 years and has gone from strength to strength during that time, meeting the needs of all visitors to the park and getting involved with other events.

In previous years the café was only open 6 months of the year but now there are plans to provide a service all year round and even looking into opening during the evenings.

The café are always looking for reliable part time staff to help with the services and anyone interested can approach the café direct or e mail Swanley Town Council.