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Essential Supplies for residents

Swanley Town Council is co-ordinating the efforts of local volunteers in the town to make sure the most vulnerable of our residents are looked after.

If you can volunteer time, food or funds then we would like to hear from you and it’s simple to register.

Food packages are already being provided, in addition to volunteers doing shopping for those in self isolation or lacking funds to purchase food through loss of work.

A Gofundme page has been launched, with additional funds provided by the Town Council and from Councillor Michael Horwoods County Councillor Grants.

The Mayor of Swanley Councillor Lesley Dyball (pictured packing food bags) said ‘it is amazing how our residents have pulled together to help and it makes me proud to be mayor of this wonderful town.

But remember this is just the beginning and this support may need to be maintained for several weeks to come’.

Council Officers are working hard to allocate appropriate resources but they are keen to point out that those resources are finite and any assistance is most welcome.

If you want to get in touch use their web site, social media and phones to add your assistance.

The Mayor of Swanley and a member of staff packing bags from the resource table.

if you would like to donate please follow this link to the website donation page GoFundMe